Paws for a Cause

Veterans and other service members alike suffer a tremendous amount of stress and trauma during their years of service. Arizona is home to 96,000 disabled veterans — 35% have severe disabilities. These veterans need help returning to everyday life. Luckily, in our local area, the American Service Animal Society is on an ambitious mission to enable disabled veterans to live a more productive life through the use of service animals.

A service dog is a companion that has been specially trained to carry out a task for a person with a physical, mental, or emotional handicap. Frequently, they’re required to assist their owner with physical tasks.

The American Service Animal Society is a non-profit organization that takes incredible strides to assist veterans with disabilities to find their perfect match from their selection of highly trained service companions. Moreover, their facility simulates an actual home and allows us to train their dogs in a real-world environment.

At Rightway Insurance, we truly admire this noble organization’s work to serve those who’ve served us. By referring someone to our agency, you could support this organization that shares our passion for helping others in the community! Just one simple step: for every referral received, we will donate $10 to the American Service Animal Society. It’s that easy! There is no obligation to purchase; they just need to receive a quote.

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