Putting the “Men” in Mentorship

Have you ever stopped to wonder what happens to kids that age out of the foster system? The tragedy of neglected children is a problem that is met with an immediate but temporary solution. Oftentimes, the demographic of older foster children (ages 12-16) receive less attention and are usually left to find their way without much assistance. Of the 200,000+ boys who wind up in foster care, 40% age out and become homeless.

This is where Raising Arizona’s Men (R.A.M.) comes in. They’re committed to changing this narrative and having an impact on these harsh statistics. They achieve this goal by equipping these young men for the world and treating them as developing individuals as opposed to a part of a rigid system. Mentors from R.A.M. dedicate their time to teaching these boys life skills (car maintenance, basic handiwork, cooking, etc.) and to aid in yearly retreats and in the shelter that provides extended support and stability for boys who have aged out of foster care.

These kids will be the future of our community which is why when we at Rightway Insurance heard about the story of “Raising Arizona’s Men” we couldn’t help but get involved. We encourage you to check out their page and contribute in any way possible. We’ve also committed to contributing $10 in your name for each and every person you recommend to us for a no-obligation quote.


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