Business Property Insurance

Understanding Business Property Policies

Did you know that Business Property Insurance covers more than just office buildings? The term “Property Insurance” may give the impression that it only covers real estate like an office building, but in actuality it can cover business personal property (equipment and furniture), computers, fixtures, equipment used for your trade or profession, inventory, and even stationery.

Business Owners Take Note

This type of insurance is important for businesses of all sizes, but especially for small businesses. If your business were to suffer a loss due to a natural disaster, theft, or some form of accident, Business Property Insurance would help you recover financially.

For example, if your business was wiped out by a fire, Business Property Insurance would help you pay to rebuild or relocate. If your business suffered a theft, the insurance would help you replace the stolen items. And if you lost important business documents or had equipment damaged due to a covered event, the insurance would help you pay for the repairs.

Protect Your Enterprise

The Rightway Insurance team is standing by to help you set up a business property policy that keeps your enterprise protected and fits into your budget. Consultations are free, so call today.