General Liability Insurance

Understanding General Liability

General Liability insurance is a type of liability policy that provides an insured with coverage for claims arising from bodily injury or property damage, plus defense costs.

What Does It Cover?

In plain English, general liability insurance protects your business from any lawsuits that may arise from your operations. For example, if a customer is injured on your property, or if you’re sued for slander or libel, your general liability insurance will help pay for your legal defense.

Note that some policies cover more than just bodily injury and property damage. For example, if you rent out an apartment in your home, you may need separate insurance for tenants’ personal property. Your general liability policy won’t help replace their stolen stuff. Make sure you choose the proper policy options so that you’re prepared for the worst.

Setting Up Your Coverage

To set up a policy plan, the professionals at Rightway Insurance will sit down with you and analyze your risk factors to determine the ideal amount of coverage. Consultations are always free, so contact us today.