Motorcycle Insurance

All Riders Need Coverage

Getting covered on motorcycle insurance can be a little more difficult than buying regular auto insurance. While some companies may offer motorcycle-specific coverage, many car and life insurers include motor bike protection as part of their policy offerings.

Selecting the Right Policy

Selecting a policy depends on several factors. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to compare rates and services.

Motorcycle insurance is available in two primary categories: comprehensive and liability. Each type has unique coverages that protect the motorcyclist against different risks associated with riding a motorcycle.

Comprehensive insurance includes coverage for accidental drops and spills, fire, theft, vandalism and collisions with animals or stationary objects. Most comprehensive policies also include medical payments coverage to cover a rider’s injuries after a crash.

Liability insurance protects against claims brought by other people after an accident that causes damage to their property or causes physical injury to them. This coverage also pays for the defense of the insured should they be sued.

Before You Choose

Before making a final choice on coverage, speak to one of the insurance professionals at Rightway. We can help you find discounts, maximize coverage plans, and protect your ride at a price you can afford. Contact us today to learn more.